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Mecklenburg-Schwerin Captain
17th Dragoon Regiment 1910

  • Sculpted by: Aaron Brown
  • Box Art Painted by: Mike Cramer
  • Price: $69.95
Mecklenburg-Schwerin was a duchy (after 1815: grand duchy) in northern Germany created in 1348, when Albert II of Mecklenburg and his younger brother John were raised to Dukes of Mecklenburg by King Charles IV. Ruled by the successors of the Nikloting House of Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin remained a relatively poor state of the Holy Roman Empire along the Baltic Sea littoral between Holstein and Pomerania. The 1. Grand Duke of Mecklenburg's Dragoon Regiment No. 17 was a cavalry unit of the Mecklenburg military within the Royal Prussian Army. Formed as a regular force of the Mecklenburg cavalry on 2 April 1813 from volunteers of the Mecklenburg Strelitz'sche Hussars. This association fought in York's Corps in the Napoleonic wars and was then dissolved again.
In 1819 Grand Duke Friedrich Franz I, ordered the establishment of a Chevaulegers Regiment, consisted of only one squadron. Gradually, the troop strength was increased still further, In 1837 the Dragoons unit had achieved regimental strength and was stationed in Ludwigslust.
In 1867 Mecklenburg joined the North German Confederation and command of Dragoon No. 17 assumed by the King of Prussia. The regiment took the name "1 Mecklenburg's Dragoon Regiment No. 17, on September 27, 1867. On October 22, 1872, by a decree of the Grand Duke the name of the regiment was change to "Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg's Dragoon Regiment" 1 Dragoons No. 17.
Dragoon Regiment No. 17 wore a cornflower-blue tunic, however the officers tunic is said to be "pale sky blue". The tunic was fitted with Swedish round cuffs. The cuffs, collar, piping, epaulettes cloth underlay, pouch belt center strip, and lower waist sash stripe are ponceau red, (a vivid red to orange-red color). Tunic buttons are tombak. Pouch belt gold with ponceau red, cornflower blue stripes, red edging, Chains and lion-gold. Cartridge box polished silver, gold edging and burst, silver coat of arms. Pouch belt buckle gold. Collar and cuff facings gold. Epaulettes gold cresents, sliver face with gold cypers. The bust is based on the complete Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dragoon Regiment No. 17 uniform in the Cramer Museum.


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