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1/10 scale resin bust

  • Sculpted by: Aaron Brown
  • Box Art Painted by: Sang Eon Lee
  • Price: $38.50
    Shipping/handling $8.00 US $14.00 international
For a number of years French troops had been stationed in Rome to guarantee the integrity of the Papal States,but following an agreement with Italy in 1866 the troops were withdrawn.The French did however help the Papal government raise other units to protect its borders,one of these was the Zouaves Pontificaux. When Garibaldi invaded in 1867 the French sent an expeditionary force which defeated him at the battle of Mentana,the Zouaves were the first into action and fought very well. After Sedan, the contingent returned home to France and the unit took the new name Volontaires de l'Ouest.
The Volontaires were experienced troops and in the upcoming campaign they fought with distinction.At the battle of Loigny December 2,1870 the 2nd battalion help to cover the retreat of the dispirited 16th Corps. Charging with the bayonet,they were met with heavy fire and forced to retire,losing 18 officers and 198 men out of 300.During the campaign the Volontaires were armed with a mixture of Chassepots and Remingtons.
The bust is based on the complete uniform in the Cramer Museum, the uniform was formerly in the Musee Militaire de Bourbon-Lancy, France.He carries a Remington Rolling Block Fusil.The medal is a de Rome cree par le Pape Pie IX en 1849.
parts list:
rifle sling
kepi bill
note: there is no base included in the kit


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