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Mexican Emperor Maximilian
Imperial Palace Guard Officer 1865-1867
1/10 scale resin bust

  • Sculpted by: Paul Deheleanu
  • Painted by: Ben Dekker
    The Netherlands
  • Price: $54.95
The Mexican Imperial Palace Guard was created by Emperor Maximilian during his brief reign 1865-1867. The regulation dress of the officer's included the gala uniform :a helmet of hallmarked burnished silver with a gilt spread-winged Mexican eagle, snake in its beak. A guilt helmet plate of the Great Cross of the Order of the Eagle.,and a gilt chin strap which was worn under the chin when mounted but placed on the helmet brim when on foot. The frock coat was deep red,its collar,cuffs,and front silver embroidered.The shoulder knots and breast cords were silver.
The bust is sculpted in great detail by master sculptor Paul Deheleanu of Spain. The bust as shown above, includes 4 parts to model.
The helmet of the Palace Guard ranks among the most splendid helmets ever created.


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