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Old Reb- Old Yank 1/9 Bust

  • Sculpted by: Aaron Brown
  • Painted by: Mike Hansen
  • Price: $34.95
    Shipping/handling $8.00 US $14.00 international
This bust is very versatile and can be painted to your choice of Union or Confederate Army regiment. His craggy old face shows the stress and toil of the older men called to the service of their country in time of need.
Modeling Guide:
  • First step is to remove all molding lines and spurs from the bust, base and cap bill.

  • Next, wash the parts with soap and water to remove any mold release residue, and dry thoroughly.

  • Assemble the bust using super glue, any minor imperfections can be sanded or filled using epoxy putty or other filler.

  • Prime the bust and choose your paint colors. Use the photos with the kit as a guide or the many books that picture Civil War soldiers. The Osprey books have great color references. There are also many sources for color guides on the internet.

  • Please use caution when handling this kit.

  • This is NOT a toy and should be kept from children and pets.

  • Do NOT expose to open flame.

  • Adult supervision is strongly recommended for children under the age of 16.

  • Because of the craggy nature of this bust the lines on the neck do not show when painted.

  • The bumps on the right nose and above the left eyebrow are moles DON'T REMOVE, unless you don't want the moles on the bust.

  • Use an x-acto or pen knife to model the parts, 220 to 600 grit sand paper will also help but use very lightly.

  • Wear light leather gloves and eye protection when modeling the bust, and use caution, the knife is sharp. Wear a dust mask when sanding the bottom of the bust and the base.

  • MICHAEL MINIATURES, its associates, employees, and principals bear no liability for any illness or injury for the use, proper or improper, of its products.


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